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Behavior Chart

Manage Student Behavior  Intervention 1 Reteach appropriate behavior to meet expectation  Intervention 2 Reteach & Verbal Reflection: discuss behavior one on one  Intervention 3 Fill out a Think Time sheet and contact home Intervention 4 Office Referral Teacher /Staff Managed Behavior Mistreating property, Participating in inappropriate contact (tackling, pushing, tripping, play fighting) Off task behaviors, Cheating, Teasing, Arguing with peers, Talking Out, Dress code violations, Recess violations, Gossiping and name calling, Theft of low value items, Cell phone violations, Office Managed Behavior Bullying, Sexual and racial harassment, Physical and verbal threats, Bringing and or using weapons, Bringing and/or using illegal substances, Vandalizing, Severe defiance, Assaulting students/adults, Stealing high value items, physical fighting with intent to harm others, Chronic misbehavior Collect Behavioral Data  Fill out incident form and look for trends a. Is there a time the behavior is most prominent? b. What positive behavior do you desire the student to use? c. What intervention will help achieve the desired behavior? Replace problem behavior with desired behavior Contact parents about concern Collect data on intervention effectiveness