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Falcon Ridge Houses

Our school will be implementing a house system. Other schools in Jordan School District have already adopted a house system, however, Falcon Ridge will be implementing one based on our diverse population and our core values.

LONG THUONG HAI (long-toong-hi): Vietnamese for Compassion; Color: Pink

INCLUSAO (in-clu-sau): Portuguese for Inclusion; Color: Yellow

ANGA' OFA (onga-ohfa): Tongan for Kindness; Color: Green

RESPETO (re-spe-toe): Spanish for Respect; Color: Dark Purple

NAZAHA (naz-a-ha-twan): Arabic for Integrity; Color: Dark Blue/Indigo

Basic Ways to earn house points:

Being Kind

Helping others

Having Integrity

Including others

Show Compassion

Show Empathy

Treating self, others and school with Respect

Working Hard

Exhibit Honesty

Resolve Conflict appropriately

Display Grit

Overcome Adversity

Learn from Mistakes