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Our Mission

We, the Falcon Ridge Community, believe all children can learn, and we will establish high standards of learning that we expect all students to achieve.

  1. All students can and will learn.
  2. Respect for diversity is critical.
  3. Together we are more.

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School LAND Trust Plan
The Utah School LAND Trust plan is available online. You can find the Falcon Ridge Elementary School LAND Trust plan at the link below. Click on the link, then you will go to Schools and then School Information where you will select the school district, school, report year, and report type.

Volunteer Form Information

If you are looking to volunteer at the school,please use the NEW and UPDATED volunteer form for parents. Below is the link for the updated Volunteer Application Form.

Permit Applications for 2020-2021 School Year for Falcon Ridge Elementary
Click on the links below.


Message from the Principal
Michelle Peterson…

Welcome back to school!  I hope everyone enjoyed their time off during the winter break. I enjoyed visiting with my family, holding a new grandbaby, and reading a few books during the break. It was nice and relaxing!

Just a reminder to keep phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses updated in Skyward in case we need to contact you or for you to receive notifications from the Skylert notification system.  Your contact information is essential during emergencies. Please call and speak to the office staff if you do not know if your information is updated. They would be happy to help you.

Speaking of emergencies, every year we are required to hold 10 emergency drills throughout the school year. Six of them are fire and evacuation drills.  The other four drills are shelter-in-place, earthquake, lock down and lock out. We also practice drills in the lunchroom and other places in the building so that students and teachers know what to do and where to go in emergency situations. At each drill we also account for every person in our building. We hope that we never have any of these emergencies, but it is nice to know we have practiced for them.

Have a wonderful day!  Falcon Ridge is a GREAT place to be every day!

Michelle Peterson,

 PTA President Message

Welcome back to school!  I can’t believe we have opened a new calendar to begin in 2020.  I hope your Winter Break was everything you planned for and that your family was able to enjoy a bit of time without the day-to-day routine of school.  As much as our children need to learn and grow, it is nice to rest and recharge as we start a new year.

Candy Cane Lane was a huge success!  Thank you to the many volunteers that helped us make this event successful. We would also like to thank the members of our Student Council who assisted the younger grades with shopping and counting money.  We spent several months planning, shopping for products, and organizing the inventory. Some items were so popular that we ended up shopping each night after school to replenish sold out items. The goal of the holiday store is to break even, as it is not a fundraiser.  We sold almost the entire inventory and completely covered our upfront cost. This is our fourth year of offering the holiday store as a service for our students. This event teaches them to budget and count money, and I have seen our children learn and get better with each year that passes.  Many of them were even able to tell us how much change we owed them at the end of the transaction. Most importantly, our children were excited to buy gifts for those they love. Seeing them start the month of December thinking of others was a great thing to witness.

January is Family Month at Falcon Ridge Elementary!  Please join us at Classic Skating (Tuesday 1/7), Art Night (Wednesday, 1/15), and the Family Dance Party (Thursday, 1/23).  We will end the fun with Family Lunch Days on Tuesday, 1/28 (A-L) and Wednesday, 1/29 (M-Z). I hope to see you there!

Thank you for all your support so far this year!  Your participation in our annual fundraiser makes it possible to pay for the many events we host.  We have had many volunteers help at our PTA events. Without the giving of your precious time and hard-earned money, we wouldn’t be able to do the things our children look forward to.  So, THANK YOU for making it possible for the PTA to provide the FUN at Falcon Ridge Elementary.

Karen Beebe
PTA President

Harassment/Bullying Policy

Bullying and harassment are not tolerated at Falcon Ridge Elementary. Bullying is when a person or group of people repeatedly seeks to belittle, scare, hurt, put down, tease, threaten, harm, or intimidate another person. (see complete Policy as098)

 Bullying and harassment can be:

  • Verbal: The bully aggressively teases or calls names.
  • Physical: The bully physically hits, shoves, punches, pokes, bumps, corners, or harms you.
  • Visual: (leering, showing embarrassing material)
  • Emotional: The bully uses gestures, notes, rumors, gossip, etc. against someone. The bully may also exclude you or use your relationships with friends as a weapon.
  • Cyber: The bully uses emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, other social networking websites, or other electronic devices to hurt someone.

Students Responsibility:

What should you do if you are getting bullied? Try the following:

  1. Tell the bully to "STOP". Look the bully in the eye without emotion or fear and command him or her to stop.
  2. If the bully continues to bother you, WALK AWAY.
  3. If that doesn’t work, TELL AN ADULT (Teacher, Administrator, Counselor, Parent or an adult you trust). If you remain in silence, nobody will know and you will continue to suffer at the hands of the bully.

Teacher/Administration Responsibility:

  1. Investigate
  2. Inform the parents/guardians
  3. Provide consequences as necessary

All reports of bullying are confidential and handled carefully. Remember: Everyone has a right to come to school and feel safe! If you are bullying others, stop. Parents will be notified when bullying is taking place.

For those students who choose this behavior, consequences may include:

  • Mandatory parent/guardian conference
  • Loss of recess or activity
  • Lunch Detention
  • In School Suspension (ISS)
  • Suspension from school

 School Comunity Council Information can be found on this website under the "Community" tab at the top of this website page. Take a look, if you are interested in what is being discussed during these meetings.

Falcon Ridge Elementary Opportunities for Students

Fine Arts :

  • We have a Beverly Taylor Sorensen Specialist at our school. Lori Bassham teaches drama to every student.
  • We offer an after-school choir program taught by volunteer parents.
  • Fourth and Fifth-grade students attend the symphony each year
  • Assistants teach the Meet the Masters to students once a week for 40 minutes.


  • All teachers in our building teach PE classes weekly to our students.


  • All of our 6th grade students perform in a Shakespeare play each year. Each class performs a different play.


  • We hold annual Science Fair and Monster Math competitions.


  • We have an active Darts program. Last year all of our students created a large mural that we still have hanging in the hall.

 Character Education:

  • We are a Leader in Me school. We have announcements three times a week that highlight positive aspects of being a leader. We have many opportunities for students to be leaders in the classroom.
  • School-wide we have a Recycling Crew, Safety Patrol, Student Council, Lunch Workers, and student Library Helpers.

Gifted and Talented:

  • Geography Bee held each year.
  • Fourth grade has a Mountain Man assembly each year and they also go to This is the Place Monument for hands-on learning about Utah History.

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