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Our Mission

We, the Falcon Ridge Community, believe all children can learn, and we will establish high standards of learning that we expect all students to achieve.

  1. All students can and will learn.
  2. Respect for diversity is critical.
  3. Together we are more

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Message from Principal Michelle Peterson...

Back to school time can be rough on kids and parents! After spending a summer playing with family and friends, transitioning back to school can be hard. Try some of these tips from Kayla Marston, school counselor, to ease back to school

Make your goodbyes quick, Long and repeated rituals can prolong your child's fear about you leaving them at school. A hug, kiss and "have a good day" are all your child needs to begin his or her day.
Be careful about saying "I'll miss you." While this sounds loving, it may cause your child to feel worried about you, instead of focusing on their school day. You might say " I can't wait to hear about your day later" or "I'll see you at dinner time" instead.
Write your child an encouraging note. Packing a short note in your child's lunchbox or backpack can give them something to look forward to.

This summer all of the Jordan School District principals and district administrators worked together to create after-school snack packs and weekend meals for students who are in need of food at home. All of these snack packs and weekend meals were made possible through the Jordan Education Foundation. If your child has a need for after-school snacks or weekend meals please contact the school and we will send some home. Also, if your child is in need of school clothing, winter coats, glasses, or dental work the school has resources that we can refer you to.

Please be mindful of bringing pets to school. We have many students who have allergies to pet dander and can become quite ill if they come in contact with animals. Safety is always a concern as well when pets are brought to school. Animals can become aggressive over the smallest thing. I know from experience even though I thought my pets were mild-mannered! Please help us keep all students safe at Falcon Ridge Elementary!

Parents. thank you for all you do to support Falcon Ridge Elementary! We look forward to partnering with you the rest of the school year.

Michelle Peterson, Principal





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