School Community Council

Chair – Michelle Leary
Co-Chair –
Secretary- Caytlin Sampson
Teacher Chairperson -Cody Rindlisbacher

If you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed in the School Community Council please call the school or contact the principal.

 School Community Council Meeting Dates

 January 10, 2017

March 7, 2017

May 2, 2017


Falcon Ridge
School Community Council Meeting Agenda

Tuesday , January 10,  2017
5:30 pm – 6:30pm

  Media Center


Approve Minutes

Nominate Vice Chairperson

Budget Update

Spire Update

Safe Walking Route Approval

Dual Immersion Information and Vote




Future Items

Falcon Ridge Elementary received $57,839 from the Utah School LAND Trust Program for the 2016-2017 school year.  Most of this money has been earmarked for instructional assistants who will provide additional reading instruction and support to struggling students. These assistants also cover teacher’s classes while teachers meet in professional learning communities for one hour each week. In addition, these funds purchased the S.P.I.R.E phonics program which our Kindergarten teachers and reading assistants will use with struggling readers. Also, funds were set aside for teacher professional development and substitutes to cover classes while teachers attend these meetings.
A modified Roberts Rules of Order had been adopted in a previous year school community council meeting and still continue to be used.  A quorum is needed to make school community decisions.
Parents are invited to attend School Community Council meetings.  At the beginning of the year an invitation was sent out to parents to consider serving on the School Community Council.  An election was held 10 days after the notification.  Those serving on the council directly influence how the School LAND Trust funds are allocated.  This year Falcon Ridge Elementary received $57,839.  Approximately, $52,000 has been earmarked.


Falcon Ridge School Community Council Minutes (Draft)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Media Center


In attendance: Michelle P., Michelle L., Vicki, Melina, Ben, Megan, Cody, Karen, Caytlin (Visitor: Amanda Oakes)

Michelle Leary opened the meeting and had us do introductions. Minutes were read by Michelle Peterson. We approved the May meeting minutes, as well as the amended March meeting minutes.

We changed the agenda to watch the Trust Lands video at the end, since Ben needed to leave early.

Michelle Leary was voted Chairperson and Caytlin Sampson was voted Secretary. Both votes were unanimous.

Michelle Peterson reviewed the 2015-2016 year-end budget and what has been spent so far in the 2016-2017 school year. We have $57,839 for this year. We thought we would have $52,000, so we have about $5000 extra that we’ll need to think about how to spend.

Meetings for the 2016-2017 school year will be held on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in the Media Center on the following dates:

November 15

January 10

March 7

May 2 (this will be as needed, since the Trust Lands plan is due April 1)

Melina suggested we start planning the Fun Run now, rather than waiting until the March meeting like last year. We will put a date on the calendar and start planning it at the November meeting.

Update on Dual Immersion: The state will no longer be funding new Spanish dual immersion schools. Are we still interested in gathering information on the program? Melina said if we can’t do Spanish, she doesn’t think it’s even worth moving forward with. Karen raised the concern that dual immersion will raise class sizes due to permits, consequently pushing us back to year-round or an early/late day schedule. Others agreed with the class size concern. We will put the issue to a vote at the next meeting.

Parking issues: What is being done about the green and white cars being parked overnight in the north parking lot? Melina talked to a police officer, who said we should leave a note on the car saying there’s no overnight parking allowed at the school. If they still park there after this notice, we can have the car towed. Megan brought up concerns with after school pick up and students running across the street at unsafe locations. Students are crossing on the west side of the teacher lot toward the field, as well as across 7000 South. We discussed possible solutions: sending home notes with the safe walking routes, using Skylert, having an administrator stationed at dangerous spots to tell parents they need to follow the safe walking plan. The concern was also raised that with the traditional schedule, the parking lot is overloaded after school and at school activities.

We watched the Trust Land Funds video. Michelle Peterson noted that this process of examining data and looking at needs is how the Spire reading program came about last year.

We were all given a copy of the SCC Training sessions the district is offering this year. Michelle Leary said she attended one last year, and it was very helpful. They had breakout sessions that helped her understand her role more.

At the next meeting, we need to vote a vice-chairperson since we did not at this meeting. We will also go over the data from last year’s test scores.

Michelle Leary would like to see data from Spire and Sidewalks so we can see if Spire is effective. It has only been in use one week, so we may not have solid data by the next meeting.

Adjourned 6:25pm