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School Community Council

School Community Council Agenda
Falcon Ridge Elementary
March 21, 2018
Media Center

  1. Welcome and Approve Minutes
  2. Budget
  3. Wellness
  4. SPIRE Update
  5. School LAND Trust Plan Approval and Possible Amendment

Falcon Ridge Elementary School Community Council
Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2018 5:30 p.m.

In Attendance:

Principal: Michelle Peterson

Faculty Reps: Cody Rindlisbacher, Kaisa Mortensen

Community Members: Laura McKee, Karen Beebe, Chelsea McGee, Jaime Haight, Oscar Mena

Jordan School District: Jill Durrant, Letisha Thomas, Michele Daly

Approval of Minutes:

  • The meeting minutes from November 2, 2017 were presented to the Council for approval.
  • Laura McKee moved for the approval of the minutes and Chelsea McGee seconded the motion.

Dual (Spanish) Immersion Presentation:

  • Michele Daly, Director of Dual Immersion Programs with Jordan School District provided a presentation of the Dual Immersion Program.
  • Senate Bill 41 (2008) – Dual Immersion Pilot Program – 50% instruction in 2 languages.
  • Schools in Utah with Dual Immersion - 101 Spanish, 55 Chinese, 27 French, 9 Portuguese, 2 German, and 1 Russian.
  • Benefits –
    • Cognitive
    • Academic/Education
      • Dual Immersion - Overall 55% proficient in testing
      • Non-Dual Immersion – Overall 43% proficient in testing
    • Intercultural understanding
    • Second language skills – elementary school is the best time for students to become fluent in a second language.
  • Challenges –
    • Class sizes – start at 30ish in 1st grade and class sizes become lower as students leave the program.
    • Funding – JDS may have additional funding to support the upper grades when non-immersion classes become too large, but there is no guarantee.
    • Staffing – finding qualified teachers becomes a challenge and creates extra work for administration of the school.

Dual (Spanish) Immersion Presentation (cont…):

  • Steps to become a Dual Immersion school -
    • SCC decides to pursue
    • Survey of Kindergarten parents
    • SCC votes to apply
    • School submits application to School Board (due the end of this month?)
  • A short discussion was held to answer questions with the concerns from the Council members. The following concerns were raised:
    • Why are some schools choosing to phase out the program? It no longer fits the need of the community, it is not necessarily because it doesn’t work.
    • Do the proficiency scores really reflect a direct impact from being a Dual Immersion student? There are so many factors that play into this, but the higher test scores indicate that it definitely helps not hurts the progress of the students.
    • Class size for non-Dual Immersion students is a concern with the upper grades. The schools are allowed teachers based on the total number of students in the school/grade. The concern is that in the older grades the class sizes will end up bigger for non-Dual Immersion students.
    • Non-Dual Immersion classes will always get the new students during the year. This is a concern for the teachers.
    • Permits may become an issue as they try to keep the program full. Also siblings of Dual Immersion students will be granted permits as well.
    • The school can not choose which language will be taught.
  • Laura McKee moved that the Council vote to move forward with the survey of Kindergarten parents. A vote was held. The vote passed 8 to 1. The School Community Council will conduct a survey of Kindergarten parents to determine if there is interest in pursuing a dual immersion program at Falcon Ridge Elementary.

School Code of Conduct Update:

  • The members present took a few minutes to review the updated School Code of Conduct as previously emailed by Michelle Peterson.
  • The updates primarily include policy changes concerning technology such as removing “boom boxes” and adding “cell phones and smart watches.”
  • Laura McKee moved to vote to accept the update to the School Code of Conduct. The vote passed unanimously.

School Improvement Plan:

  • Michelle Peterson presented the 2017-18 School Improvement Plan for Falcon Ridge Elementary for Council review and the Chairperson’s signature.
  • The Council agreed that Reading should continue to be the focus of an area of improvement for the school.
  • Action items include continued use of the S.P.I.R.E reading program, half-day Reading Inservice, and a book study for the teachers.
  • A discussion was held about the way the S.P.I.R.E reading program is being implemented this year. It appears the program takes a lot of preparation and time to implement. There is some concern about the teachers adding another item to their already full agenda. Maybe it is time to move it back to the aides (or committed parent volunteers) to work with the students? No decision was made. The discussion was tabled for the next meeting.

Future Use of School Land Trust Monies (2018-2019):

  • The following items have been requested by the teachers -
    • classroom chromebooks - requested by all teachers
    • math manipulatives - 1 teacher requested
    • iPads – many teachers requested
  • Currently all 6th grade classrooms and one 4th grade classroom have chromebooks for all students. In addition to the Trust Lands monies, the school has a technology budget of about $20K per year. If possible, one chromebook lab per year is purchased through this budget.
  • As a school, we are moving away from the iPads and towards the use of chromebooks.
  • The official discussion was tabled until the next meeting, but the Council unofficially agreed that the focus of funds should remain on reading improvement through the use of aides, professional development for the teachers, and technology.

 Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

The next meeting will be Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.


School Community Council Members

 School Community Council Members 2017-2018
Laura McKee Chair
Michelle Peterson Principal
Melina Huntsman Vice Chair
Karen Beebe Secretary karenbeebe@msncom
Michelle Leary Parent
Ben Jameson Parent/District 3jameson@gmail.comLicensed Employee

Oscar Mena Parent
Misty Mena Parent
Jayme Haight Parent
Chelsea McGee Parent
Cody Rindlisbacher School Employee
Emelie Harbin School Employee

If you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed in the School Community Council please call the school or contact the principal.

 School Community Council Meeting Dates

The Falcon Ridge School Community Council meets a minimum of four times a
year. Our first meeting was held September 21, 2017. Our meeting schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

Thurs.  January 11th, 2018, in the Media Center
Thurs. February 1, 2018, in the Media Center
Thurs., May 10, 2018, in the Media Center (If needed)

School Community Council meetings are open to anyone. Only school
community council members may vote. We follow Robert’s Rules of Order as the rules
of order and procedure to conduct the community council meetings. If you have
questions regarding the Falcon Ridge School Community Council please contact a member of the community council.

2017-2018 School Land Trust Plan


The most critical academic need at Falcon Ridge is language arts, specifically reading and writing. Land Trust funds will be spent to improve student academic performance. The goal is to increase 10% of the students who are below grade level in language arts at the beginning of the year to on grade level by the end of the year. Paraprofessionals, SPIRE phonics program, teacher training, professional learning communities, Culture and Climate (Fieldtrips tied to curriculum and data notebooks/ planners) will help with meeting this goal.


The Trust Lands money will be used to hire and pay the salaries for ten 17-hour literacy paraprofessionals who will provide remediation intervention for students who are below grade level in reading and writing. Assistants may also be used to provide enrichment to students who are above grade level while teachers work with the struggling students to provide remediation intervention. SPIRE phonics program will be purchased and implemented in grades Kindergarten through Third grades along with other scientifically based research strategies for successful interventions in reading and writing as outlined in the Falcon Ridge School Improvement Plan. A pull out/push in model will be used to intervene with the identified students in grades k-6. Paraprofessionals will work with targeted students three days each week for 30 minutes. The paraprofessionals will use My Sidewalks, SPIRE, Imagine Learning and Lexia or Iready reading interventions with struggling students. With the help of paraprofessionals, the instruction will be diverse in meeting the needs, skill levels, and interests of all students.

Funds will also be used to support Professional Learning Communities (PLC's). Teachers will meet in PLCs weekly to review and analyze student data, collaborate to meet the needs of all students, and to participate in ongoing job-embedded professional development. Student interventions will be based on the data discussed in PLCs, which includes ongoing monitoring of student progress.

Funds will also be used to pay for classroom substitutes so teachers can attend Professional Development opportunities, and meet as grade level teams for curriculum mapping and lesson study.   Falcon Ridge will use Trust Land funds to provide Professional Development opportunities and Technical Services to support teachers and improve Tier 1 instruction. Trust Land money will be used to support teachers at Falcon Ridge so they can attend conferences to improve instruction, intervention, enrichment, and classroom climate for all students. Culture and climate will be addressed with one classroom fieldtrip tied to curriculum and student data notebooks and/or planners for student accountability.

These funds will also provide teachers the opportunity to become ESL endorsed, which provides support for students who are English Language Learners.